Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Months And A Day

Yesterday was 4 months since my last chemo.  In some ways I can't believe it's been that long and in other ways it already seems like a lifetime ago, like elementary school or something.  It is both far in the rearview and and ever present.  It feels like it's way in the past because I'm exercising again, Pilates once a week for now plus swimming laps several times a week.  I'm really and truly The Mom again, driving all over kingdom come and feeding and clothing and schooling and just Momming all day.  I arrive at the end of the day tired and overwhelmed and pretty sure there is no way I can do it again the next day, but it's not because I'm sick, it's because that is the life of a Mom of small children.  Many days go by where I wouldn't think of cancer at all if it weren't for my short hair and little reminders.  I still have bruises on my arms where the IV's were for my last 2 treatments.  Seeing them reminds me of the serious stuff they were putting in me not to long ago.  Most days I still can't wear my wedding rings because I still puff up from poor circulation.  This is improving as I exercise more.

My hair has really come in and I rarely cover my head anymore.  This is a new development in the last few weeks, as my comfort level with my new coiffe grew and the kids' did as well.  The first place I ever went with a bare head was to Pilates at our YMCA and it was no big deal because almost everyone else in the class had short hair.   I have my italian genes to thank for the lightening fast regrowth I'm experiencing.  Right now I look like Fantine, but a really romanesque Fantine so I guess that makes me Patti Lupone?  Seriously, could it get any better?  I would argue that no, it could not.  But, I couldn't find a picture of Ms. Lupone as Fantine post hair selling when I made this:

Anne Hathaway as Fantine vs. Do you know how hard it is to take a profile selfie and also my neck isn't that short but I had a cowl neck sweater on.

So that's my hair update.  I'm really feeling better all the time.  Avery continues to do beautifully and is now in the 22nd percentile for length and the 40th for weight so not only is she on the chart...she is ON the chart.  She's our little sweet fatty baby.  As for our 4 month milestone, she's not that impressed:

What's the big deal Mom?  Aren't we just always going to be kicking ass on a daily basis?

Finally, please pray for 2 precious children facing difficult diagnoses:

First for Ava who was diagnosed with brain cancer a few weeks ago.  Her Dad Jeff is a friend from my days as a cheerleading instructor with the National Cheerleaders Association.  Jeff and his partner brought Ava to the ER and were told she had a brain tumor the size of tangerine.  The tumor has been removed and now they face treatment.  Please pray for Ava, her dads, her sister, and everyone who treats her.

Please also pray for a little boy named Benjamin.  I don't know Benjamin or his family personally, but we have many friends in common.  Benjamin is another child whose parents found out their child was facing brain cancer.  Benjamin's cancer is very aggressive and he, his parents, his siblings, and his treatment team need our prayers.  Please pray for them.  That link is for an event that already passed, but please continue to pray.  

Hope all is well with you dear readers!


  1. Prayers flying their way and let me say you rock the short hair. Also you're putting me to shame -- Pilates once a week and laps several days a week?! What the wha

  2. Gorgeous - both of you!! Martha's right - you totally rock the short hair!

  3. Congratulations on your milestone! You look beautiful! (And more important -- happy and healthy.) I'll keep those two sweet young ones in prayer.

  4. You both look beautiful! Can't wait to see you in person! We will be praying for those other 2 children and their families.

  5. I love your short hair, you should keep it that way, it must be super easy!! And that baby is just so smushy!!!

  6. Mushy fatty baby cheeks=love. And you really do pull off short hair Nella!


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